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Jabob Kapan

Jacob was a pre-war pilot and was in Panama Kapan on 7 December 1941 before the unit was assigned to the 8th Air Force in 1942.

Paul Bellamy 401st Bombardment Group (H) Association wrote and found out additional information about Lt Kaplan.

Checking the POW records at NARA confirms Mr Kaplan's serial number was O-755228, as seen in his Stalag ID photo. He was a Lieutenant flying as the navigator of a B-24H crew with the 392nd Bomb Group, 577th Bomb Squadron when his aircraft 42-7496 was lost on a mission to Gotha on February 24th 1944. 42-7496 was nicknamed The Jinx, which matches a photograph.

392 BG 24/2/44 mission summary and MACR reference: http://www.b24.net/missions/MM022444.htm

These photos were originally on a web site (the domain had expired) and I found by accident and I was able to save the images due to it still being in Google's cache.

Lt Kaplan was shot down and became a POW at Barth, Germany.


early photo of Jacob KaplanJacob Kaplan

POW photo of Jacob Kaplan at Stalag Luft 1, Barth GermanyPOW Jacob Kapan - Luftwaffe photo of him

Kaplan's German issue ID tag at BarthJacob Kaplans German ID tag at Stalag Luft 1

Hand drawn map of Stalag Luft 1 and the surrounding area by Kaplan.
Hand drawn map of Stalag Luft 1 of the camp, railroad, town, FLAK school, woods, airport and other details around Barth Germany.

Approximately 8,939 airmen, 7,588 American, 1,351 Royal Air Force, were POWs at Stalag Luft I during the Second World War.

There are three articles written by Jacob on the website of the www.B24.net

http://www.b24.net/stories/Kaplan.htm http://www.b24.net/stories/kaplan2.htm http://www.b24.net/stories/kaplan3.htm



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