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Boeing B-17 Production Plant Seattle Washington

Official Images taken by Bonneville Power Administration for the War Production Board

These are used with permission by BPA from their archives.

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B-17 cockpits under construction
B-17 cockpits under construction on the Seattle production line.

 Women workers inside the tail section of b-17sWorkers riveting parts to fuselage.

"Rosie" riveting skin onto the tail of a B-17.

FDR touring Seattle plant 1942 - in car passing under B-17F wing
FDR touring Seattle B-17 plant

FDR, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, did lots of wartime tours. This was in September 22, 1942 of him touring the Boeing Seattle plant while B-17Fs were under production.

nose of b-17FDR passing in front of a nose of a B-17 in his car.

Touring the last part of the production line of B-17Fs before painting.

Viiew of FDR in his car from overhead during tour of Beoing produciton plant.Looking down into FDR's car at Boeing

Someone on an airplane perhaps took this image of FDR at Seattle.

Color image of women war plant workers at the Seattle Boeing plant at the bombbay  stations of a B-17Colorized version of a monochrome photograph showing women workers in the bomb bay area of a B-17.

B-17-Gs lined up outside the Seattle plant awaiting delivery to the USAAF G model Flying Fortresses just off the production line in Seattle await delivery to combat modification center in Kansas. Foreground tail number 297384, then 298385, 297386 and so on.
The very last B-17 rolled off the production line on April 13, 1945. On that date all the Boeing factories had now converted to the production of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress with the Seattle plant being the last one to convert from B-17 to B-29 production.

Going with natural metal saved time of production, cost of the paint and time to paint the a/c, and saved weight also.


Our combat crew had the job of removing paint from our B-17. The paint weighed 65 pounds and we removed the paint with 100 octane fuel. Unusual duty for a combat crew.
Eldon Bevens, Ball Turret Gunner, 390 BG 570 BS

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